Welcome! On this site are Marty's artistic endeavors. The bulk of the works are at the above links "Musical Works", "Photography", "Videos", and "Stories".

The music is all original. Each song can be played singly or as an album in a popup window.

The Photography section is now functional with "Best of " albums for each year. Since the last update I have gotten into film and large format photography. I will try to add some of the works soon.

While writing is not really my thing, I do scribble occasionally. Three essays are available in the Stories section.

I added the stories section to post a few of some shorts I have typed over the years. The urge to write for pleasure does not come that often but when it does it is usually something from my past, fictions or non-fiction, mostly comedy.

The video section is still under constructions. There are some videos but some are not formatted correctly.

Thanks for visiting.