Welcome to musical works of Marty McKimmey. Marty's music is presented in the tabs above with each tab containing the works for that year. There are two types of songs. The first are arrangements with proper names. These had time devoted to composing, recording, and mixing. The second are "Practice Sessions" where the recording device just happened to be on during an evenings playing. Often times a jam session can be quite good.

Click on a tab. The song list will be presented to the left. Clicking on a song title loads the song information and a player in the right panel. The entire album for that year can be played by clicking on the title above the cover art. The players are Flash so it may not work on all devices. You can download any of these works by right clicking the file name in the right panel and "save as" or you can get them free of charge at Marty's band page at Sound Click. The songs here are of a better quality. The link to the licensing information is on the lower left corner of each the song information panels.

All players are working. I am working on download buttons.